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Welcome to the "Official" Madone Watch

Madone_new The Madone Watch is officially on.  Having to be tight-lipped has ended. Trek, and specifically this blog spot, is welcoming your comments and questions.  If you haven't checked out out the new Madone, take a look.  And let us know what you think.

The all-new Madone has been a huge undertaking here at Trek.   Yet as I write this there is a sense of relief.  This product unveil is our time to show the cycling world that Trek is indeed the carbon fiber authority.

Under this Up the Road heading, you'll hear from three experts on the all-new Madone.

• Tyler Pilger, Madone Product Manager
• Damon Rinard, Bike Genius and Engineer
• Ben Coates, our Discovery Team Liaison

Along with this crew, I will be helping to market the new Madone and tell its story to the world.  Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for reading.

Scott Daubert, Road Bike Brand Manager


seamus kelly

AWESOME!! i have waited 2 years to see this bike.iam in love with this new madone!!.bought my first trek in 1983..bought the 5.9, 2 years ago..now i REALLY want the pro madone!!!..note too other bike manufacture's: SILENCE IS GOLDEN!..the new madone slogo should be 5 letters: R U N V S!!! once again, i have fallen in love with another trek road bike! thanks for making my 41 years of life a trek{king] experience on your wonderful bikes!!

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