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Brad Towne asks: Are the Madones still made in Wisconsin? I liked the fact that Trek kept its top-line bikes manufacturing close to its design team.

Answer: Great question Brad! Yes, all the OCLV Madones (whether OCLV White, OCLV Black or OCLV Red) are still made in Wisconsin, just down the hall from the designers and engineers involved. In fact all manufacturing operations are carried out here: from cutting and kitting the preforms, to hand-molding, to bonding and paint, it's all done at our headquarters in Waterloo. You're right, it *is* nice to be able to keep such a close eye on things.


David Graham

Two questions:
1. When will this bad boy be available?
2. The section "A Total Performance System" in the downloadable brochure states that the new Madone fuselage is 250 grams lighter than last years. Yet, the chart just right of this text states it as 1637 grams vs 1428 grams. A difference of 209 grams not 250 grams. Why the discrepancy?

Answer: David -
1. We are currently shipping bikes to dealers
2. The weight descrepancy is due to our average weights. The 50cm OCLV Red fuselage weighs less than the 64cm OCLV White fuselage. On average the fuselages are 250g less in 2008 compared to the 2007 models.
- Scott Daubert

Phillip Pattison

One thing that has always kept me coming back to Trek is the Lifetime warranty. In most cases I don't intend to have the same bike for the rest of my life but I have already benefited from Trek standing behind its products and I love the piece of mind that a warranty like that offers. So will the new Madones have the same lifetime warranty especially with the new integration of the bearings for the bottom bracket? By the way I'm drooling already, all of them look great even the new Bontrager components.

You can expect the same warranty support on our new BB and headsets designs on the 2008 Madones.
- Scott Daubert

DL Byron

Hello from Bike Hugger! New madones. We'd love to review them.

From Scott Daubert: We'll get you a bike to review as soon as we can but first we need to satisfy some dealer's needs.

Ben Cooley

Is the Madone going to retain the ride of the previous OCLV frames that we have come to love?

And them some. The more compliant seat mast design is appreciable and the decreased weight in the seat cluster gives the bike a very light feel, especially when climbing out of the saddle. - Scott Daubert

Steve Stiesmeyer

1. When will you be able to order a new Madone?
2. Can you order a new Madone in Project One colors?
3. When will pricing be released?
Great looking bike.

1. New Trek Madones are shipping from Waterloo to Trek dealers starting this week.
2. No plans yet for the new Madone for this model year, sorry! Project 1 is still available for current Madones.
3. Check with your Trek dealer or the trekbikes.com web site soon for pricing.

Thanks for the compliments! I agree Trek ID did a great job with the looks.
- Damon Rinard

john siddens

I am 6' 6" tall and weigh 240 lbs. Will there be a way to get the new Madone made in a size that will fit me?

Answer: We've expanded the Madone line to now include a 64cm size. There's a Seat Height Chart included in the "What size Madone should I get?" post here:

Also check out "How tall is too tall?" post for other sizing considerations here:
- Damon Rinard

Tony Hearn

Tony asks: When can you get the new 6.9 Madone in Project One colors?

Answer: No plans yet for the new Madone for this model year, sorry! Project 1 is still available for current Madones. -Damon Rinard

Chad Carnesecca

Would Trek ever consider partnering with Campagnolo for a stock Madone it would sure be nice if it were considered?


Demand for Campy is very small making it very difficult to justify a model. However, We do offer Campy in Project One. We also offer framesets to allow people to do custom builds. -Tyler Pilger, Trek Road Bikes Product Manager

Dom H

In terms of frame sizing of the new Madone, would you be looking at the same size as you currently ride?


Other than now having the option of a higher hand position in the Performance fit models, yes, your fit will be the same on previous Madone models and the new Pro fit models.


Can you post the new geomtry charts? Or point us in the right direction.

Hi Andy - A geometry chart is included in the "How tall is too tall?" post here: http://trekroad.typepad.com/trekroad/2007/06/how_tall_is_too.html

A direct link to just the geometry table is here:

The geometry table will also be updated to include WSD (Women's Specific Design) models as soon as that info is available.
- Damon Rinard

Rudy O

If I order the Madone 6.9 Pro, can I finally request different wheels? For example I already have the Aeolus 5.0 and would need a climbing XXX Lite Tubular. We should have some flexibility on the wheels at least consider we're spending $7,000+ on a bike.

Rudy - your best bet is to negotiate a deal with your local Trek dealer. They might be willing to swap you wheels.
Scott Daubert

DL Byron


Great to hear on getting us a bike! We're getting lots of questions about the new Madones -- also, as bloggers, props to you for putting so much out there and quickly on your blog.

Trying hare here. Thanks for reading. - Scott Daubert

Justin Ball

Are the 6.9 and 6.5 frames different? On the Madone lineup page
(http://www2.trekbikes.com/madone/madone_line_up/) the only difference I
see are wheelsets and the handle bars. I did a comparison with available data here:


When will all the other 2008 models be released?

Matt - In August after our dealer event. -Scott Daubert


Just about to order a new Madone but I really want to get the right size...obviously.

I'm 5'8" I rode a friends 56cm 6.5 at the weekend and if felt great but everybody suggests that I should be a 54.

I tried a 54 but felt a little too "over the top". Help!

Reply: Hi Mark, at 5’ 8” I’d guess a 56 cm may be closer than a 54, but there’s a lot more to fitting than height. Sounds like you need to get a fitting! Unless you’re confident and happy with the spatial relationship between three contact points of your current bike (feet, seat and hands), in which case bring that bike to your Trek dealer, who, with some calculating, should be able to name the size(s) that will permit duplicating the dimensions you currently ride.

Here are some links to help get you started. My blog post “What size Madone should I get?” is here: http://trekroad.typepad.com/trekroad/2007/06/what_size_madon.html
And the new Madone’s seat height table is here: http://trekroad.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/06/05/2008_trek_new_mdaone_seat_height__2.gif

- Damon Rinard

Richard Trass

The new bike looks great. I want a 6.5 performance fit, but I don't want compact cranks. Why no option for normal 53/39 chain rings. This is surely still a "race bike"?

Reply: Hi Richard, Yep, the Madone Performance Fit is certainly still a race bike -- it shares the race-oriented geometry of the Madone Pro Fit -- and all three Fits (Pro, Performance and WSD Fit) accept all current double and triple cranks (including 53-39). The Performance Fit Madones come with a compact double crank because our surveys of real riders found that's the most desired crank among riders whose hands are higher; but you could change it to 39-53 without any problems.
-Damon Rinard


I ride a 54cm 2200. So, I'm to understand that I would order the exact same size frame even if I go with the performance fit?
Considering the 6.9. and that's a load of cash to have my shop order in the wrong size:)

Damon Rinard

Hi J.,

The Performance fit adds 30 mm of length to the head tube, so you'd fit it only if you currently have 30 mm or more of spacers on your 2200. If you have less than 30 mm of spacers, then choose the Pro fit -- the head tube length is essentially unchanged from the "old" Madone.

Damon Rinard


Hi! I'm hearing the decision between the Pro and Perfomance fit is all about the stack height, but what about the reach? I'm riding an older 54cm Madone with 20mm of spacers, however, I need a relatively shorter 90mm stem. Does this imply I need the shorter reach of the Performance fit, even though I'm using less than 30mm of spacers?

Also, can the cone shaped spacer on the Perf fit be removed? Thanks!


Hi John,

The cone shaped head set top cap can easily be replaced with a thinner one. (In fact the extra height of the cone should be counted as spacer height when determining if you’re below the limit.)

Just for background on comparing stack and reach, it’s a fact that on the same size Pro and Performance Fit Madones, the head tube centerlines are in the same place; the difference is that the Performance Fit has a 30 mm taller head tube than the Pro, so as the stack point gets higher along the head tube angle, the reach naturally decreases a bit. Same as adding spacers to a bike: the bars get higher and a bit closer.

For example, if you tried a 54 cm Performance Fit Madone, your bars would be higher than your current bike by about 10 mm even without spacers (because of the 30 mm taller head tube), and of course about 3 mm closer too (because the head tube angle decreases reach as you go up), so you couldn't quite duplicate your current position exactly (you might or might not want to bring your bars higher and closer...).

However if you tried a 52 cm Performance Fit Madone, you could match your current bar height with about 10 mm of spacers and use a longer stem if you want.

Comparing head tube lengths is the key to making the height part of this calculation. Three elements combine:

- Integrated headset: Add 20 mm to get from your current 54 cm Trek head tube length to the new Madone’s. Fit-wise this is a wash, since you’re just replacing headset parts with head tube length.
- Frame size: In the new Madone line, each size increment has a 20 mm change in head tube length, so a 52 will have a 20 mm shorter head tube than a 54.
- Fit: The Performance Fit adds 30 mm of head tube length compared to the Pro Fit.

So starting with your current bike (20 mm of spacers) and keeping your current fit:

- Switching to 54 cm Pro Fit makes the head tube 20 mm longer but doesn’t change the fit; (still 20 mm of spacers);
- Switching from a 54 to a 52 cm makes the head tube 20 mm shorter and does affect the fit, so add 20 mm of spacers (about 40 mm of spacers now);
- Switching to Performance Fit makes the head tube 30 mm longer so subtract that to get about 10 mm of spacers now.

Since the 52 cm’s top tube is about 1 cm shorter than the 54’s, you could probably use a slightly longer stem (say, 100 mm instead of 90) to get the same bar reach.

Technically there’s nothing wrong with using a 90 mm stem, but if you’d prefer a longer one the 52 cm Performance Fit Madone would permit it. Give it a try!


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