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Trek World Show


We hosted over 1000 dealers at our annual Trek World show a few weeks ago. The event lasted about 10 days for those of us that work out of Trek HQ here in Waterloo. Those 10 days are divided into three shows - one for sales reps and two for dealers.

Set-up takes a few days and can be a stressful time. Imagine arranging 200+ bikes for display and you start to get the picture.

Our dealers attend technical seminars, business classes, awards dinners and special events like the 1 World 2 Wheels presentation while they are in town. Occasionally we have guest like Lance show up but not this time around. We focused on the product this year which seems to be paying off with an endless array of positive comments from our customers.

An event that was related to the 1 World 2 Wheels push was the 1000 Lime bikes ride we surprised the dealers with. At the end of an hour presentation where 1000 dealers heard how they can change the world by getting more people to ride their bikes, John Burke started to direct the audience towards the doors where busses were waiting for the short trip to a BBQ dinner. A plant in the audience yelled out, "Busses!? Why don't we ride bikes!" So they did. Trek had assembled 1000 Limes and asked the city of Madison to close a few streets so we could all ride 2 miles from the event hall to a BBQ dinner. It was awesome.


Trek World is not open to the public although it would be cool to see if you are a bike nut. It's a bit like Interbike but focuses on Trek brands. We don't have a display at Interbike and instead host our own show. This gives us our customer's full attention.

Watch for all the 2008 product we showed our customers at your local dealer soon.



So what happens to a 1000 Limes after the show?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

What happened to the 1000 Limes? Dealers bought some, Trek employees bought some and we lost a handful to "incidents".

Mark Kraus

Add a show for your end customers. You would be surprised how many of us would come out for 2 or so days to see how bikes are made and what we will be buying in the comming years

Keith Russell

As a fully hooked Trek addict I'd be in heaven if there was a public version of Trek World. Just thinking about it makes me go weak at the knees :-)

Peter Baldini

I would agree, a public version would be useful. Talk about word of mouth advertising...It would go a long way toward creditability to have a customer saying how awesome the new product is, compared to a dealer saying it!!! Think about the hype!

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