Up The Road

A New Bike

Don't tell Levi but I am on my way to Missouri with a new bike for him.  I am sitting in the Madison airport some 6 hours from arriving at the Tour of Missouri.  I have with me a one of a kind Trek Madone specially made for Levi.  There are not that many people that get to say they have a one of a kind anything in this day and age......Stay tuned to see what it looks like and how it goes over.
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I thought Trek Pride was Pros ride the same bikes as us. What happened to that Idea, Just a thought. :)

BMan - Levi's bike is a stock Black Series Madone right off of the production line. Same bike you would get if you bought a 5 series pro fit Madone. Paint doesn't make the bike a custom bike, just a custom paint job......Ben Coates; Discovery Team Liaison

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