Up The Road

Bada Bing!

Discovery does it again today.  Levi on the top step for the day and George for the race.

George put a pretty good hold on his lead, there are still 3 days of racing but things are looking good. Dsc00759

Levi gets to add another stage win to add to his list of accomplishments for 2007, not a bad year....


By the way, you can see John Devine warming up behind Levi in the picture above.  I caught up with him for a minute after his first race on a Trek TTX.  He said that it was easily 5% faster than his previous TT bike, saying that he was going quite a bit faster today with less effort.  There were a couple of "sweets" and "awsomes" thrown around as we talked about what he likes about his new TTX.  The TTX gets another win and another rave review.  Missouri a nice place for Trek this week......



Hi Ben,

I am curious... Are some of the guys riding the older Bontrager discs vs. the new Aeolus disc or is it just a different logo? e.g. Devine vs. Levi in this pic


Brian, good eyes. The team is using two discs but it is purely a matter of numbers. There are not enough of the new Aeolus discs to supply all three trucks with 10+ Discs. Since the US truck is used the least it did not get a complete set of new discs. Ben Coates: Discovery Team Liaison

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