Up The Road

Bidding Adieu

Tuesday the 11th of September marks the start of the 3rd biggest road race in the United States.  The Tour of Missouri starts in Kansas City and wanders over to St. Louis in a 6 stage race that will likely be decided during the Individual Time Trial on Thursday.  The Tour of Missouri is one of the last races that the Discovery Channel will ever participate in.  I will be stopping in to visit the Team on Wednesday and staying for the duration of the race.  I haven't seen the guys since the Tour and I am anxious to catch up with them; this will likely be the last time that I will ever see most of them in the same place.  Some guys have already signed contracts with other teams but most are still looking.  I am sure that there will be a ton to talk about.  Stay tuned to hear the latest from the ground floor.....



I feel so bad that Discovery will no longer sponsor the world greatest cycling team. The Team brought prestige and standard to the cycling world. Hope that a big time sponsor would continue to support this dominating team. Hate to see Big George ridng on a T mobile giant Bicycle, it aint right..

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