Up The Road

Photo Tour of the Tour

Check out these links to some of my photos from the Tour.  They are all RSS feeds so they might not work in Internet Explorer, if they don't try Foxfire.  I hope you like them.......







Whoa...Ben, you have to try to reformat that or the people on the Paceline Forum are going to be quite upset at ya ;P!

I am working on it but I am a bike geek not a computer geek. Hopefully I can get something worked out soon......Ben Coates; Discovery Team Liaison


I like the yellow one. It goes well with my yellow Ionos helmet. A 58 would be perfect, thank you.

All kidding aside, which model is this/


Alberto is on a Black Series Madone with a special paint job on it. The Madone 5.5 has a paint scheme that is really close but not exactly the same. Ben Coates: Discovery Team Liaison

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