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Stars and Stripes

I arrived at Trek this morning at quarter to seven and this was the state of the new Stars and Stripes bike for Levi.  The boys at Trek really out did themselves on this one, from designer to race ready in 3 days is a huge feat.  This is a standard Black Series Madone pulled right off of the production line that was specially painted for Levi.
The mechanics hate  it when I show up with a box; they always know it means more work for them....  Actually Chris happily built the bike as he joked about how much work I make for him. 
As night began to fall the final touches were being put on Levi's new racing stead.  This bike will likely only be raced for three days but it is our way of saying congratulations to Levi and the Team.  Look out for more pictures on the web as this new National Champ paint scheme is likely to turn some heads..



...I like!



I'd love to have this as a Project One paint scheme!

It is not planned to be a Project One paint scheme currently, Levi has the only one......Ben Coates: Discovery Team Liaison


Yeah, it looked pretty hot this afternoon as the mechs were taping it up!

Bill Sweeney

"Levi has the only one" and so it should be for a champion.


Drop the stars, but allow people to pick custom colors to replace the red and blue and I think it's good to go! Looks great.

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