Up The Road

Trading Stripes for Stripes

Unfortunately I arrived in Missouri too late today to see George win the stage and take the lead.  I did however get to have a quick chat with him in the hotel lobby.  George mentioned that his last race of the year, possibly his last race on a Trek bicycle, will be at the World Championships.  He is using the race here in Missouri to help tune his form and hopefully trade the Stars and Stripes for the Rainbow Stripes. Tog_243
Next year you might see George in another color of stripes......


Nathan Jolly

The clothing and bike design in this image look awesome.
And i'm just wondering how George stays motivated year after year. Tis good going.

I am glad you like it. A lot of people worked really hard to put that outfit and bike together and make sure they look great. Motivation is a mystery to me; some people have it and lose it, others never find it. George seems to have kept it for years, maybe it is that elusive Paris Roubaix. Ben Coates; Discovery Team Liaison

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