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Dismantling Discovery......Literally


Last week I went to Belgium, where the Team has it's European headquarters, to wrap up the season.  It was an interesting visit.  Over the last year, I have become friends with many of the staff of the team and I was sad to see them for what could be the last time, after all Belgium and Wisconsin are a world apart.  After I covered all my bases for business I still had some time so I decided to hang out with some of the guys and help them peel the decals off of the cars.  If you have ever had to do this you will understand how awful it could be, especially since it was cold outside and they had 15 cars to do.  Interestingly enough, heat gun in hand, I had a great time.  The guys were really upbeat and they all pitched in to help out.  Some of the guys were reminiscing, some joking, and some vowing to return......




Nice entry.

Well, it's kinda sad when you think about it but I guess we shouuld cherish the good times and memories.


The headline got my attention; I thought maybe some stuff was going up for sale!

BTW, is Trek actively looking for a ProTour team to partner with for next year (and beyond)?

Nothing up for sale but we are actively exploring our options for a ProTour team. Ben Coates; Discovery Team Liaison


Wow, that's really sad, actually. I grew up following and cheering on this team, and I've had the priveledge of not only riding but also selling Trek (OCLV) bikes for years. I’ve raced them for a while, too, and for me, much of it began because of these guys. This team was quite instrumental in gaining a lot of positive attention for the sport in the U.S. At the same time, this is also is exciting because the team accomplished a lot, and helped rip the door off its hinges for cycling in the U.S. A lot of great things can and will happen from here on out…

Keith Russell

Good news that Trek are looking for a ProTour team!! I know Astana have some history but teaming up with Contador et al would be wonderful. Trek simply have to be represented in the professional peloton after al the money spent developing the Madone.


I'm having a epiphany here (if I can spell it correctly).. Hope you are reading this Ben!

I thought Nike nailed it with the Blue Ball Jersey. You could see it a mile away.

Why doesn't Trek take the Astana, replace Discovery on the Jersey (vertical lettering in White sans serif font), then take the Astana Yellow Icon and replace the blue ball, and then use the new dark blue to set it off? They can use the Turquoise for accents.... Thus NO BLACK MAGIC to upset the sponsor, while the rest of us don't have to squint to find the Astanished, amongst the new Quick Steppers... In short, don't mess it up. The new jersey sucks. It's not retro, it's not cool, it's just another kit. The most powerful team in the Tour needs some impact.

Of course, the thought has a bit of Cofidis style, but if Trek does it right.....(Are you listening Scottie Daubert? Beam me up to Waterloo for a new Madonne 6.9 Red and I'll design the kit that will have total peleton envy.... did I say, "Peleton Envy"....)


i don't think Astana will be keeping sontacor as a team leader it would probably be Klodun or Vino if he gets off the hook

bubby bodden

where can i buy any 2007 team discovery bikes,if any still exist.

The old bikes belong to Tail Wind Sports so we don't have any control over them. If you contact Tail Wind they might be able to help you. Ben Coates: Team Liaison

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