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Levi Leipheimer sees Waterloo

Levi was in town last week.  He spent much of the day with Trek president John Burke but made time to visit with others in the Trek workforce.  Before meeting with John, Levi and I toured the factory and stopped in to talk tech with Trek's Advanced Concept Group. 

The ACG is partly responsible for Levi's low drag runs at San Diego's wind tunnel last February.  Damon Rinard explained how our CFD software is helping design several 2009 and beyond projects.  We also caught a glimpse of a radical TT bike design that's in the works.  Levi was sworn to secrecy on the spot so don't ask him for details.


"I have to say, I've been to a few manufacturers now and Trek is the most impressive." - Levi Leipheimer

Levi and I have a near year-old dispute that has yet to be settled.  I'm pretty sure I can dust him on a mountain bike and he thinks it will be the other way around.  He's got everything to lose in this situation (he's stood on the podium at the TdF so if a hack like me sticks it to him, it will be big news) but there was no time to ride during Levi's visit.  Next time. 



Thats great to see Levi likes the Factory and that everything is run great. Is it possible for Trek to sponsor two teams in 2009 and one in 2008, or will Trek only be dedicated to one team? Can't wait to see some shots of the new TT bike out there!


Cool to see Levi there and to hear they are thinking of a new look at the amazing TTX frame.


1. What are those black and yellow Madone frames behind them? Could we be seeing the base coat to the new Astana bikes?

and 2. Levi I know your a little dude, but I dont think the WSD (ladies) frame matches your eyes man. I dunno if pink is your color =P


So is Trek replacing BMC as the team bike for Team Astana?

MikeJ @ Chain Reaction

Scott: That's some pretty strong words about takin' Levi on a Mountain Bike ride! As you say, he's got everything to lose, not you, but still... It's not quite as bold as me saying I could take John Minor on a hillclimb. :>)

big daddy mike

I thought I was the only one that gets away with wearing his saftey glasses on his forehead here.

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