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Project One details

Here's the skinny on the P-One site as you see it today.  This site is a snapshot of what will eventually be.  Many of you wanted a glimpse of what Trek was planning with paint options so we put this site together to satisfy your curiosity.

Building a bike in P-One is a hands-on, consumer involved process.  It is, after all, your custom bike that you are crafting.  If you are serious about making a purchase, then you need to click your way to the print and find your dealer page.  Take your printout to your Trek dealer for proper sizing options (this is where you will determine bar width, stem and crank length, etc). 

I take responsibility for providing the wrong information about 5 series bikes being offered in the new P-One program.  They are NOT available just yet.  My apologies if you got you hopes up.



Melissa Sievers

I would like to know if Trek is planning to have the Project One Design contest this year. I see that there are new paint themes on the site, very cool. Thanks!

S Lambert

Thanks for the update. 5 series, not available YET implies they will be in the future? ETA? Will there be a semi-custom P1 available like the orange flame bike was a couple of years ago (cheaper than regular P1, but only one option)? Will there be a SRAM red Astana Team replica bike available in performance fit? Thanks Trek.

Loren Dunn

No prices for the frameset and pre-built Project One bikes?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bikes Brand Manager

Loren asks abour pricing. Eventually the P-One site will diplay pricing as you build your bike but for the time being, you'll need to take your info to a Trek dealer.

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

S Lambert asks about Astana team paint. There will be an Astana option in the mix. We are still working on getting the setup time reduced for that paint job but when we figure it out, it will be an option in P-One. SRAM Red will also be on the menu.


Glad you clarified it was a beta site.

I vote for the previous Tequila Sunrise pattern.

In today's Starbuck's market, especially at the high end, Trek could offer a wide variety of options (even ICW dealer's choices). A sale is a sale, even if a Zipp wheel or an Easton bar.

I'd vote for more product info as I pick choices. Weight, features, etc.

Color perceptions will be a challenge. Could make color chip books or offer color calibrated prints (even at a price).

If I pick a design, e.g. the flame tri-color, why restrict my options?

Great bikes, great Trek folks. Thanks.

Ben B

I already have a 2007 Trek Madone Project One bike and I love it! Will the 2008 Trek Fuel EX bikes be available on Project One soon? Thanks.


It's great that SRAM is finally available as an option, even if it is only on the Project One bikes. It seems like a lot of the other options are pretty severely limited, too.

I didn't see any option to pick frame-only... for those of us too picky about some of the other choices. Is frameset going to be an option?

Michael Killion

Scott - you mentioned that Project One orders for the Madone 5-series may be some time coming this year. I'm guessing this is for the OCLV Black frames. But, any future plans for Project One orders for Madone OCLV White frames for those of us looking to save a little more money? Thanks.

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

Keep in mind that the P-One site you are seeing now is a snap shot of what it will eventually be. 5 series bikes are still to come - late summer is all I will commit to. TTX bikes will be included in the future site as well. The part, grouppo and frameset options are limited on this site because we are still building the support to make all of this possible. Hang tight.


So are there plans to spread this to all of the madones? Say if i wanted a 4.5 with SRAM rival and a custom paint job, will this be a possibility eventually?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bikes Brand Manager

Paul - The 4.5 Madones will not be included in the Project One program.


Can't wait for the 5 series bikes later this summer. I'm holding out on a new bike until then. Thanks for the info on the 4.5's.


sorry but i could not wait for a new project 1.i bought a new 6.5 madone off the show floor!my question is can i get a name decal made for my "plain" awesome bike.if so how much would it cost me.summer is short in Wisconsin! thank you.

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bikes Brand Manager

john - you can get name stickers made by the same guy that does them for all Trek teams. Contact AJ at www.vcgraphix.com.


What's the current status of Project One? I wanted to order a Madone, but was told that Project One is being retooled for 2009. Will it be back up soon?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

Barry asks about the status of P-One. The reborn program will go live in mid August.


I just found out about Project One today and I'm so excited! I 'm buying a new road bike soon and I was having a hard time finding someone to do a custom paint job on the frame (I don't like boring bikes). A 5-series P1 is just what I'm looking for. I'm going to have some custom wheels built for it with color rims! Crazy. August can't come fast enough.


Please hurry with the 5 series in Project One. I need the 5.2 in 64cm but don't like the stock white bike. Last years black was nice but isn't available now. I want to order ASAP. Thanks

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