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Trek Project One for Madones goes live

Without further delay, here is the new Project One site.  2008 Madone 5 and 6 series bikes will be available through P-One.  Craft your dream ride here right now!




When will they be available for delivery?



Only 6 Series Madones are available through P1 right now.

OCLV Red Pro, Performance and WSD frames.

Stephen Dean

When will the 5 series frames and complete bikes be available on the Project One webpage, and what about some pricing for those trick paint jobs? Also, does the "kick start" of the Project One indicate that the regular backorders of Madones are indeed running on time or ahead of schedule? Thanks!


It's finally here for those who've waited ages.

A tad unfortunate that there aren't many choices available as compared to last time though. And, I hope the Black series would be available too as not everyone would go full blown and get a Red series madone.

What about the TT bikes? And, as far as componentry goes, there should be more handlebars/stem and saddle choices I guess.

Absolutely loved the choices on the last P1 set up so this new one could use some tune ups for sure. Nonetheless, it's about time. :)

Tom Bakken

Are the 5 series frames available thru Project One? I don't see them shown on the Project One web page.
How do you find out about the pricing for a particular bike / component combination?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bikes Brand Manager

My apologies - I jumped the gun by mentioning that 5 series bikes would be available. 5 series bikes are NOT available at this time. Thanks, James, for pointing this out.

The P-One program is a hands-on experience. After you have decided on the frame type and color, print your information and take it to your Trek dealer. Sizing options (for the frame, bar, stem, crank) will be discussed in detail with you Trek dealer.

Pricing for your bike will be determined at your Trek dealer. Even if you are looking for just a fuselage (frameset), prices are only available at your dealer. Pricing information will eventually be listed on the P-One site but they are not at this time.

David Benkoski

are we going to be able to get the astana paint or is that exclusive to the team only?

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

David Benkoski asks about Astana paint. Eventually there will an Asatana paint option offered in P-One.


Hi Scott,

I posted a unhappy comment back in January when the P-One launch was being delayed until "late summer." I admit it, I was whining. Thanks to Trek for listening to customers and coming through with this P-One website update. Although I plan to buy a 5.2 through P-One, I'm pleased to get a sense of what options the site will have. I just toured the factory today in Waterloo and I'm pretty jazzed to get some test rides under my belt. Spring is finally coming to Wisconsin!

frank casey

Any idea when the 5 series will be available on project one? Are we looking at a serious lag between the 6 series and 5 series?


OK, we all love the madones.....now what about the TTX???
Give us some love too...

frank casey

I have some $$$ burninga hole in my pocket...when will we be able to order the 5 series in P-one???? Please hurry the pocket is getting HOTTTTT.

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