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Alberto Contador wins Giro d'Italia!

Wow!  Amazing the way the Astana team pulled things together at the last minute to race a strategically savvy race and put Contador on top of the podium in Milan.  And he did it on a Trek Madone!

Read what out of industry publications are saying:

New York Times

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Joel Price

It was awesome to watch this years Giro. Congrats to Contador, Astana, and Trek!


It's really amazing how Trek was able to have the Pink Madone waiting for him on such short notice.

Peter Ballotta

Another great TREK victory. I would sure love to see some TREK ads on Versus instead of Specialized at every commercial. What gives?


That is one gorgeous bike! I hope management gives it to him (unlike his last tour-winning bike, nudge nudge).


It's just too good to be true!
But at the same time I can't say that I'm surprised after riding the 5.2 for one month now... in Uppsala, Sweden.
It's just so sad that we would not see Alberto on the Tour grrrrrr!!!


I am just gettign into cycling, unfortunetly don't have enough money to get a road bike yet, so I am pounding it on my nice trek mountain bike.....so heavy...

Anywho, any good places to watch these bike races online?

Keith Russell

Personally I think this win is better than a Tour win. Alberto wasn't trained for it, the parcours was harder than the TdF and he had to fight every inch of the way. Well done to everyone from the back up crew to the riders!

Shop Girl Chris

I think I just found an idea for my soon-to-be-painted 69er Singlespeed!

Mark B

Contador is one awesome cyclist. Great job and should we be surprised that Trek has once again dominated another grand tour?? Keep it coming Trek.

Chris Bolton

KUDOS to Astana and Conti!

Why did we see Levi riding the final time trial with a single round water bottle on his seat tube, vs using the trick aero Bontrager bottle that is, in theory, faster? Was there a UCI rules change banning that style bottle?


the new madone line of trek
bikes is unbeleivable!


The reason I believe that Levi did not have the aero bottle, is that its just logistics. Same reason the team mainly uses the 5.0 Aeolus Wheels and not the 8.0 all the time. Its just a pain for the team to haul around all those different parts. Scott can correct me of course, but that is the reason I have heard for alot of equipment choices. Now if it was a critical LONG time trial it might be a different story, im sure Scott would overnite a couple to the team if they needed em.

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