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Lance is Back and 2 for 2

Lance is Back!!! and it seems that he is already in winning form.  Since Lance announced his comeback he has gone two for two.  Mind you both of the races have been on Dirt but in his words a "win is a win."  I wish I had some great insight for you here on how this is all going to pan out but as of right now, you probably know as much as I do.  Lance will be making a big announcement on the 24th of September, we are just going to have to stay tuned......It is going to be a fun year!Img_0917_2


EJ Levy

I keep hearing about Lance's back. What is wrong with his back?

Keith Russell

Everyone knows that Lance doesn't do anything by chance and he will have had all the variables in place long before making the announcement about returning to racing. There is simply no way a man as organised and methodical as he is is going to say "I'm coming back" without having his team, sponsors etc. well and truly sorted.
He's a Trek Athlete for life so unless he's planning on giving up that income to ride for another brand he will be on a Trek. Astana is the Trek team but Bruyneel says he hasn't done any deals with Lance, which is either a blatant lie or he simply hasn't. In which case Lance has something else lined up and as he says he's returning to raise cancer awareness maybe he's going alone with a small continental team backed by LiveStrong and Trek?
That said, if Trek was involved you'd know all about it Ben, surely?
Personally I see problems with Lance and at Astana and I don't ever want to see Alberto being forced to ride in support of anyone! He is the future of the sport and could match Lance's achievements for Trek. If Trek are prepared to force him into a another team for the sake of Lance's return, well, that's not something I'd do. Short term publicity on the back of Lance or long term exposure as Alberto win's as many GT's as Lance...
It's all very interesting for sure :-)

Horacio Contreras

Lance is an exceptional athlete and an example for humanity, but i think he shouldn't return to competition, he's already a legend!


I am a huge fan of ridding bikes, I have found this interest of ridding to be very relaxing and competive also. I look forward to one day owning my own trek road bike.


he did not win Leadville, does that count as 2 for 2?

not that i am knocking the guy.....i would like to see another cycling president.

2 for 2 was based on racing since his announcement. He raced a local MTB race and then the 12 hours of Snowmass and won them both. As for the other comment, we are entitled to our opinions but you would be hard pressed to prove that Lance's comeback is a positive thing for almost everyone in the industry

Ben Coates, Team Liaison


Lance and Trek rule. I can't wait for the Tour to begin.
They are like peanutbutter and jelly (Perfect).


Heck, I don't care if Lance stays or goes to the TDF.... everyone in Europe has seen him race and his result. Time for some fresh blood and racing in something like the Amgen Tour of California, along with a cure for cancer. Bring it on, Lance! Levy will be quivering in your shadow, a long ways back.

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