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Travis Brown belt drive Vegas Cross XOB single speed


Travis Brown raced a prototype belt drive cyclocross bike at the Vegas Cross race at Interbike on Wednesday night.  The bike has unique tension adjusters built into the dropouts.  Travis was equipped with a few "cog" options so he could make a final gearing selection at the race once he saw the course.  The bike was built off a standard XO2 platform and had the rear dropouts and chainstays replaced to accommodate the belt.  The chainstays are off a Trek T900 tandem; their heavier gauge minimizes lateral flex and compression loads that could make the belt skip.

Trek's Advanced Concept Group has been tinkering with how belt drive bikes can fit into the line.  Right now belts are on a few commuter models (including the District) and some other prototypes running around the office but watch for them on more and more bikes in the future.




Von Herwig

That's one sweet-looking cross bike. I love the drop-out details.


So is that an eccentric rear axle? Pretty cool. Looks like it would be a pain to repair a flat.

Scott Daubert

The dropouts are eccentric. If you are familar with Trek's ABP suspension set up you understand how it works. The inboard eccentric plates are slotted to accept a conventional hub. A "QR" threads in from the nondrive side and pinches everything together.

James Collins

So freakin' cool!

You guys get all the best toys!

I can't wait until there are more belt drive bikes available. Belt drive 69r next year??


Where do you get the parts for a belt drive?


Any chance we'll see a 2010 (or sooner, I've got a busy couple weeks of racing ahead) model?


The district model has removable rear dropouts so one can replace the belt, but this frame appears to have no such thing. I dont see any way for the belt to be replaced, unless there is some sort of belt master link type thing I don't know about.


Ahh... nevermind on my last comment, the dropouts are 2 separate layers. The seat stays and chain stays aren't actually connected. To change the belt it seems one would have to flex the frame to open the gap between the 2 dropout layers to get the belt through.


The best idea ever! why didn't they think of this sooner for single speeds? There's no lube mess, belts are stronger, and the don't stretch as much. good job trek!


Yeah, Travis knows his shit. That thing is cool.

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