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Lance's Custom TTX Stolen!!!

Be on the look out.  The Astana Team Trailer was broken into this morning and 4 bikes were stolen, including Lance's Custom 1274/27.5 TTX.  There is only one of these bikes in existence so if you see it, you know it was stolen.  Please keep an eye out!



Joel Price

Sorry to hear this... It makes me sick. I hope they find the scum who did this.


This is terrible. I will be on the look out for it. Best of luck to the Astana team and to Lance.

richard Leong

The security of the bikes were bad if it was broken in so easily and also the hotel's security was none better, there should be CCTV to capture the act.

richard c

when I heard that lances ttbike was stolen I was happy.I use to be a loyally customer to trek. I own a new madone that seems to have to many problems.that no one seems to know how to fix bottom bracket loosen to many times.I used to tell all my ride group that I love trek madone.To bad that is no longer want I say. I tell every one that ask not to buy A new madone.

richard c

you leave the teams bike in a trailer over nite that no one is keeping as eye on .No wounder the bikes were stolden. Just a small example on how poor terk and the people who are running the show take care of things. Have you herd of the lemon law will the new madones are lemons. I will no longer buy trek bikes to bad beause that is all I used to buy. Very unhappy customer.


Why would anyone steal this bike? Assinine! I hope they catch the scumbag before the time trial later in the week, and the bike is not trashed.
Maybe he will try to take it to a pawn shop and get busted.


Hope the thief gets caught and crucified!

Denney Rhodes

Can it be found with a GPS?


I found this web-site researching a bike for sale on craigslist for san diego.

Bill Gregory

I can't wait for the idiots who stole the bikes to try and sell them. I hope he/she/they get what is coming to them.


does the bike have a s/n#? Trek uses bikes straight off of the assembly line so it should have one correct?

John Holt

This is horrible...

Like Lance said "I hope you enjoy looking at this bike in your bedroom" I live near Sacramento and ride on the Folsom Bike trail often so do many many other riders. I am sure we will all be looking out for you.. I hope you are FAST!

Todd O.-Pennsylvania

Jealousy!! This person can't ride like Lance, so the childish behavior of stealing Lance's bike will make this childish person feel better. I do belive it's a personal thing, I don't think it has anything to do with money, or value. Thanks to this person's wonderful upringing by the parents, this is a prime example of what can happen. Sorry to hear of your loss Lance. I hope you get your bike back. I know I would be very upset if my madone turned up missing because of some socially-retarted person decided to take it. Best regards!


What kind of Idiot would steal anything let alone a one off that the whole world knows.

Mike VB

Hopefully the cretin who stole it will be dumb enough to try and sell it on ebay soon! Hope they catch the dirty *^&%*$!


wooo not cool what kind of jerk would still lances bike

Luke Kruger

I cant believe someone would even think about stealing another cyclist bike not alone lances Its just a tragic example of the selfishness of some people. You could even ride it because everyone knows what it looks like!


Just saw this posted on Craigslist.....


laura whipple

This bike looks like one that was just listed tonight on craigslist austin tx.

laura whipple

Here is the email that was posted to reply to the possible stolen bike for sale.


David Sevick

I use to ride comp. If someone stole my bike; youre goin down. Idiot!


Maybe was himself. Publicity???

Ron Madone

First stealing Lances bike is like stealing the Fabrege egg, no one in thier right mind would buy it and try ro ride it but i have been wrong about people before......and Richard C find a Trek store or a good local LBS to handle your problem this is not the place to air out your gripes about bike mechanical problems, if you don't like the food, change restaurants or learn to cook it yourself. I have been riding Madones for 2 years and it is hands down the best all around, from beginner to pro bike i have ever ridden......hence my knickname......Lance, Levi, Alberto and the rest of team Astana keep your heads up and keep moving forward. The best is yet to come.

Joe R

I love my new TTX 9.9 and would be pissed if someone stole it.

Richard C should stop hating on Trek and learn how to spell and use grammar!

William Garcia Periut

I cant belive this Im writing from Cuba, is this true. In Cuba right now they are running the Cuban rute and when I heard this I was so angry.

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