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New Year's Revolution Resolution

Ah, the new year; that wonderful time when we take stock of the past season and look to find ways to offer more in the  year to come (or to find some new excuses to get us on our bikes more, and do other things less).  For the purpose of the little experiment that we call the “UpTheRoad blog” that means taking a good hard look inside, and asking ourselves if we gave it our all 2009.  As the impromptu author of this blog I think the answer is, “we can do better.”  So, after looking hard inside, I’ve decided that my New Year’s Resolution is to offer you more.  To scour the world of Trek Road and Triathlon and find things that might inspire you to ride, to think, to tri, or to do more.  Trek Athlete Chris Lieto recently tweeted that his New Year’s Resolution was to, “Beat Crowie.”  (as an expression of his desire to beat the current Ironman World Champion).  Our product department has resolved to "keep making bikes better," and our Road team has identified a little race in France that they will ride to win.  We are not all cut out to set World Championship goals, but whether your New Year’s resolution is to beat the world champion, to champion the world, or simply to ride more, I wish you all genuine success in 2010.  In my attempt to start the year off by championing my goal to offer more, I think this video is a great place to start.  After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words this thing has to be worth like a million words…..at leastJ. 

Here’s hoping that 2010 sees you spending more time on your bike smiling than you did in 2009.

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