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Catching up... January has been eventful!

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog so let's start fresh with a new year.  Blogging is not a New Year's resolution by the way, that way I am not destine to fail...

So far 2011 has been incredible and we are only 2 weeks in!  I kicked off the year by meeting some new friends in our new home town.  My wife and I picked up and moved to Luxembourg just before the first of the year and then rang in the New Year with Andy Schleck and some new friends.  Hesperange-20110101-00106
Yep, I spent New Year's with Andy Schleck, who does that?

After a quick recovery from a fun night out, I had work to do.  A bunch of people from Trek came to town to witness the launch of the new team.  Between having my boss in town, getting ready for the team's training camp, the team presentation, getting ready to go to Mallorca, the UCI and Australia and setting up our new house, the first week of the year was packed.

Joe showed up for the team presentation, I know he had fun because he actually wore a jacket (not the norm for a guy nicknamed "converse" for his typical shoe choice) and he was smiling.  IMG-20110106-00107 The whole week was crazy busy but the details are not that interesting, meetings, bike building, late dinners, etc etc.  Since the team presentation is all over the place and Joe already put a blog up about that, I will skip that too and head straight to camp.  It was very exciting though.


Training camp is a very cool time to be with a team.  The LEOPARD-TREK team was no different.  The atmostphere is serious but relaxed, everyone is together and everyone is excited for the upcoming year.  Here are some photos of the team camp in Mallorca.


Bike fits are a big part of camp.  I did 9 or 10 at the first camp and another 4 in Mallorca.  I love doing bikes fits.  Most of the guys don't need a lot of tweaking but it is great for them to feel good about their position and it is a great time for me to get to know them better.  This is Joost Posthuma and I talking about how the fit works.  Thanks for the photo Geoff Waugh!

IMG-20110111-00117 Frank is a great guy, he is some how equally light hearted and serious.  Here he is getting ready for a training ride wearing his Luxembourg National Champion get up.

IMG-20110111-00118 Not your local group ride, the guys getting ready for a 5 hour training ride....

IMG-20110112-00120 Camp is also a time for photo shoots, check out Fabian posing for a Shimano shoot.  It is funny to watch but the end product usually turns out well.  You can't tell from this picture but a bunch of the other guys are making fun of him in the background.  Luckily everyone gets their chance for a little ridicule...

I had to skip out on camp early to check in at the UCI.  Lots going on there involving the approval of frame design and controlling the rules.  That story on its own is a half day's conversation so I will just leave it to this one picture of a portable CMM, that thing is pretty freaking cool.


Now I am sitting in the airport getting ready for a really long flight down to Australia.  This will be Lance Armstrong's last professional race outside of the US.  I have had the unbeliveable job of working with Lance since a little before he decided to un-retire.  I cannot thank him enough for all that he does for cycling and for the cancer community.  I am sad to see him go but honored to have been a part of his comeback.  Here is a shot from the first time I worked with Lance, Leadville 2008.   DSC_0006 Thanks Dave Bolch for the photo!


This is only the first two weeks of the year...more to come!







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