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Trek/K•Swiss Training Camp Day 1

This week, surrounded by retirees and honeymooners, we have quarantined some of the world’s best athletes in order to focus solely on that which is pure and athletic. We chose Kona, HI as the site of our 2011 Trek/K•Swiss training camp as it is the home of the Holy Grail of triathlon; the Ironman World Championships. We thought it would be great to corral everybody for a week of workouts and team building but to be honest; I’m not sure how anybody gets any work done around here. It’s far too nice for that sort of nonsense.


We started Monday with breakfast and then an hour run around the Mauna Lani resort followed by what can only be called “second breakfast”. Seriously, these people eat like teenage hobbits. There is no limit to their insatiable appetite. Pictured: Chris Lieto's second breakfast.


Second breakfast was followed by lunch and then a recap of the 2010 program. 23 wins last year alone! We’ve added XTERRA rockstar, Lesley Patterson to the 2011 squad and everybody’s fired up to see what she’s going to do this year.  Pictured L to R: Chris Lieto, Lesley Patterson, Heather Jackson, Julie Dibens, Fraser Cartmell, Paul Matthews, Joe Gambles, Matt Lieto.

After the presentations it was back to business and despite rumors of a shark siting, the team hit the lagoon for (as one elderly spectator put it) a “nice splash-around.” Remember the scene in Cadddyshack where all the caddies strip their clothes off and run roughshod over the nice country club pool? It was kind of like that only our caddies have mind blowing VO2 maxes.

We asked our Facebook fans what they would like to ask our athletes and found some time to dig up some answers. We’ll keep trying to catch the team members and get everybody’s questions answered as the week goes on. Keep them coming!

 @Jacob: Chris; when preparing for kona how many hours a week are you on your bike? Also have you been working on your run more this year like you were last year?
Chris Lieto: My biggest week before Kona I’m on the bike about 5 days a week and probably average between 15-17 hours of riding time. Truthfully, the run is the hardest part for me so I’m always working on it.

@James: Where do their minds wonder to as they pedal through long miles?
Chris Lieto: I think about new ideas, new workouts, my family. Everything, really. I’m a thinker.

@David: How do they avoid burnout, mental and physical with such a hectic schedule? How do they unwind?
Lesley Patterson: The best way to avoid burnout is to keep training interesting. Never become obsessed with other people’s expectations. My way to unwind is movies. I love action, war, period pieces. Braveheart, obviously [Lesley is Scottish].

@Cody: What's their favorite "fuel foods" before a long hard training session?
Chris Lieto: Pizza. There’s never a bad time for pizza.
Lesley Patterson: The night before, I go with asparagus and shrimp and tons of garlic. Nobody will want to ride next to you. When I’m riding though. I LOVE Gu Chomps. Blueberry/pomegranate.

@Spencer: What's your favorite brand for running shoes?
Chris Lieto: K-Swiss. They have an amazing collection for any kind of running you’re interested in.

@Tobi: Can I get this picture in high resoltion?
Trek: Yes. Send us the request to facebook@trekbikes.com

Did you know Koi fish go crazy when you stick your finger in their pond?


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