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VICTORY! Well done Discovery and Alberto Contador!

(photo credit Graham Watson)

As you may know by now, Alberto Contador has been awarded the final yellow jersey of the overall winner of the 94th Tour de France. Way to go Contador! Some are saying this may be the best Tour ever for the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team (formerly USPS). The team came away with the overall win, the best young rider’s jersey, won the team classification, first, third and eighth place (that’s THREE riders in the top ten!),  as well two stage victories (Contador and Leipheimer) and the fourth fastest time trial in the history of the Tour. And all this after losing Thomas Vaitkus to an unfortunate crash early in the race.

For us here at Trek, we are especially happy since the team rode the all-new Trek Madone throughout the tour. Kelly Stone laid up all the team frames, ahead of production starting, so the riders could have them in time to put enough miles on the bikes to gain confidence in the new equipment before racing the Tour.

We are also proud to be a part of the TT stages, providing Trek Equinox TTXs to the team. The TTX is the fastest currently available bike we’ve ever had in the wind tunnel. That’s thanks in part to our use of CFDesign software (digital wind tunnel) powerd by AMD computers, and to taking so many prototypes and engineers to the wind tunnel over the years. We’ve also bought other bike brands’ TT bikes to compare to ours so we are super confident that it has paid off. Perhaps most importantly, all this engineering and R&D has given the riders the mental advantage of having confidence that they are on the fastests bikes possible.

Thank you to Alberto, Levi, Johan and the entire support team. We are very proud of you!


postal disco fan

Hey Ben whats up? Did you get my pics?


Have any close up pics of Bert's yellow Madone that he rode on Stage 20?

mini lance

Alberto got lucky. Levi should have won it all after his time trial!:^)

Gerald T. Harnage

Can you tell us who is in the wings as the replacement for The Discovery Channel's sponsorship?

Gerald - We wish we knew who they are talking to. It would great to get a jump on art and colors going into next season. Knowing who we are working with helps us design bikes, jerseys and other aftermarket items. The longer we have to wait, the bigger the rush later on. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

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