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The New Project One

At long last, here is how the new Project One program works.  On September 9th the P-One, build your custom bike site will go live.  You'll be able to get to the P-One site from your favorite search engine or from a Madone bike page on trekbikes.com.

Design your bike beginning with the model bike you want.  Madone 6.5 (including WSD) and 6.9 will go live on the 28th.   5.2, 5.5 and TTX go live on October 15th.  From there you are free to roam.  Pick a frame color then accessorize your ride with colored tires, wheel decals, housing and bar tape colors and  your brake hood color (SRAM only).

Here are the best parts or the new Project One:  there is no price increase in the new P-One and you can have your bike in just 14 days.  You choose the frame color, your component colors even your component sizing - no up-charge, in your hands in 2 weeks.  Component sizing choices like bar width, stem length, crank length, cassette size and double, triple, compact cranks are all free to you.

There will be cost added (or subtracted) when you change component level.  If, for instance, you change from an Ultegra to a Dura-Ace grouppo or RXL to Aeolus wheels then you pay the difference.  But your dream bike still gets to you in 14 days.

Here's the process: You can submit an order on-line or at your favorite Trek dealer.  Your dealer will help you make all your sizing decisions (frame fit, stem length, etc).  Your order is processed at Trek, your bike is crafted and shipped to your dealer for final assembly.  You'll pick up the bike and ride!

Here's a screen grab of the develpment site we're working on:


The original Project One still exists but its now called Project One Signature Series.  This is palette has more expensive color options and paint schemes and the delivery times are 30+ days.  Each frame is painted by hand, one at a time and will have the artist's signature near the drive side dropout.

The website will tell a much better story than I can describe here so check back on the 28th for a test drive.  In the meantime, enjoy these shots.

Madone_orange_white Madone_white_green P1_plum_silver

The bikes above are all new Project One bikes.  The bike below is a Signature Series bike.




Matt Haughey

This looks and sounds fantastic. Once a bike is ordered on the site, is it delivered direct to a customer's house, or do you have to coordinate with a local Trek dealer for final assembly and pickup?

Mike Reid

This looks awesome.
I am intending on ordering a Project One bike soon and now I can see exactly what it will look like before hand and therefore eliminate any surprises.
Well done Trek, I give this a 4.5 out of 5.

terence kennedy

Is Project One only available in the U.S. or Europe also?

Michael Killion

Scott - When will the new 2009 Madone 5.2 Pro framesets be ready to order? And delivered?

Myreil Boisvert

Eureka! Not only i'll get the best bike in the world, but it's gonna a reflection of myself. Trek you sure know how to please... in every way. Congratulation!

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

To answer a few questions from above: framesets will be a part of P-One for US customers spring of 09.

Europe will see the new P-One in spring of 09.


Finally! The wait is over...and by the looks of the new site, well worth the wait!

John Wetzel

Is the information stated above correct? The 5.2 P-0ne's will be available to order on October 15th 2008?

Derek Livengood

Will the custom decals on the wheels only be with Aeolus - or will it also be available with RXXXL?


...And Kids starving in the U.S. and Africa. $8200 on a bike just doesn't seem right.

Matt McClain

This post is a little confusing. At the beginning of the post it says the P-One site will go live on September 9th. The end of the post tells us to come back yesterday for a test drive of the new site. At what date can we expect to see the change for the P-One site? Thanks!

Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

Another update for you and some answers to recent questions:
A glitch in the system pushed the launch date back to September 16th.
Only Aeolus 5.0 and 6.5 wheels will have colored decals. RXL wheels will be available in black or silver.
Yes, we still plan to make 5.2, 5.5 and TTX bikes available in P-One on October 15th.

Sean K.

Are Top Fuel and Fuel Ex models going to be included in project one?


when will the 6.9pro be ready to buy ??? soon i hope, i want 1 bad

Rob in Texas

Do I understand correctly that the Madones you can order on P-One starting between 9/16/08 and 10/28/08, are 2008 frames? Is it true if someone wants a 2009 Madone frame, through the Project One site, they will have to wait until spring 2009?

Rob in Texas- Every Madone bike we are making from now onward is a 2009 model. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager


Bikes look awesome, but bring back the Pilot! I was about to get one!


I'll be ordering a TTX Project One once it's available, and am wondering if I'll be able to mix and match Sram and Shimano components? Sram shifters with a Shimano drive train to be exact. Thanks.

James - You will not be able to mix component options within a specified grouppo. Ultegra will be all Ultegra, Red will be all Red, etc. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager


I sure hope SRAM Rival (not just Red & Force) will be an option in 2009 Project One. I can't see a lot of reasons to buy SRAM Force--Rival has the same features and the weight is similar to Ultegra SL. SRAM Red has more features and looks nicer.

Michael L.

I would like to order a Madone OCLV Red frameset. Do you do Project One on frameset only?

Scott Daubert

Framesets alone will be available sometime in 2009 but for now we are only building complete bikes.

MIchael Silitch

hi scott, good to see you are still going strong at Trek. As always, I appretiate all your hard work, and especially your interaction with the public, like me. It looked to me like the tt bike Levi won the time trial in the Vuelta was big for him, frame wise. His seat was low down and stem short. Does this allow him a more aero position? To stretch out more and have his face closer to his elbows? Or is he just a natural contortionist?
Also, I would still love to see the info you wrote up a few years ago on how postal/discovery glued on sew ups if you can find it.

Best, Michael

Micheal- Thanks for reading this blog. The bike Levi is riding is size small. Its the smallest frame we currently make. He's not a very tall guy so its the best thing we have for him at the moment. It seems to be working for him but it does look like its too big. We plan to add some options for shorter riders in future.
There's a tubular tech section in this month's Road Bike Action that's not too far off what I remember from my days with USPS and Discovery. The one major difference is that the Belgian mechanics would wait 24hrs between glue layers. I believe the 24hr dry time is the best way to ensure a good glue job. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager


This is very exciting. I'm a total off-road type of cyclist but now I'm thinking of going over to the dark side with a new Madone. Glad to see a WSD bike with race worthy components - it is about time! I'm also happy to see they are going up to a 58 cm size. Hopefully now I can finally get a bike that fits me.


Have been wanting an all carbon Trek for awhile now, am about to pull the trigger on the 4.5 entry level Madone. Are the ALL Madones availible through Project One, or just the 5.2 folks and above? Also, are they 2009 frames or 2008 frames?


Incredible. I agree with Bridget, I've always raced XC and have never owned a road bike. With this new project one, the Madone is too classy to pass up.


can you guys take 08 and paint it if I pay for shipping to the factory and back?

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