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2009 Trek Road Bikes

2009 Trek models have been hung on the trekbikes.com site. Check out all the new colors and some new spec by roaming around the site. www.trekbikes.com

New to the Madone line is a Madone 6.9 spec’d with SRAM Red. There’s also a 5.2 in the WSD line now.

Pay special attention to the new compare tool in the upper right hand side of the bikes pages. The tool will give you a side by side look at models under the Road heading. Prices, reviews and spec are all laid out next to one another for easy comparison.

Project One will link off the bike pages when it goes live on September 16th.




Hi Ben,

Were there any design tweaks/changes made? For example... I think I saw somewhere that a replaceable RD hanger was implemented. Any improvements to the fork cap?

Brian- The frame improvements for the 2009 Madone include a replaceable derailleur hanger and improved cable routing for both the rear brake and front derailleur. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager

Keith Russell

Some really strange colour choices across the Trek range this season. First time I saw the new 5.2 I thought it was the WSD bike colours!
The schemes seem to be totally in your face or really weak...not what I've come to expect from Trek.

Keith Russel- You're entitled to your opinion, obviously, but having spent 12+ days with dealers and customers at Trek World and Eurobike, you are the only person I know of that dislikes the colors we have in 2009. Sorry we couldn't satisfy. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bike Brand Manager.


A 520 in ROOTBEER??? PLEEEEAASSSE. Who comes up with these colors? FIRE him/her. That is just nothing but sickening.

Javier Rios

I am excited to see as i am getting a new bike in the next coming weeks.

James Lagios

What happened to the high-end tandems?

Scott Daubert

James askes about Trek tandems. We discontinued our high end tandems for 2009.

Elijah Nicolas

I'm just now getting into riding and want to buy my first. I've been riding friends Treks and Specialized and my dad's Schwinn for over a year. Should I just put some serious cash down for a Madone?


I can't believe nobody mentioned Lance's Comeback around here. Any (un)official comment from Trek? Exciting, unnecessary or maybe uninteresting?


I agree, this seems big for Trek. What is the word right now?


I agree with earlier comments that the 2009 colors are not that great. However, the Project One promises to be the answer to those less than great color schemes. I am counting the hours until the new and improved p-one site goes online!

Clay Parker Jones

1st time comment from a longtime Trek fan (aunt and uncle own a small shop, Lifecycle, in Arcata, CA).

I have a question about the Madone 5.2: Can the seat mast be reversed to provide a forward seating position, say, if you wanted to use the bike for TT/Triathlons as well as general road riding?


Brad Stephens

Please tell me the difference between the 6.9 pro and regular 6.9

Also the difference between the red carbon and regular in those bikes.



Is the 6.9 madone available as a frameset for 2009?

fergal - Yes. -Scott Daubert, Trek Road Bikes Brand Manager

"The Legend"

Hopefully trek doesnt just copy the same model as last year but just make it look slightly different again... Oh and I also hope it doesnt go over the $10,000 mark which it might.

Ron Mathews

I just wanted to tell Trek and all future Trek Madone buyers that the new Madone is by far leaps and bounds above any Bicycle on the planet. It does everything so well that only the rider can blame themselves if they get dropped in a group ride.

Keith Russell

Scott, didn't mean to upset! It was the 5.2 Performance, 1.5 road and 5.5 EX that I really didn't like.
How has the European market responded to the schemes, this is afterall where I'm based.

Dan Dugan

Okay--instead of a $700 billion bail-out, why not give one of these to every adult in the USA? It will decrease global warming, decrease healthcare costs, and I will finally look really really really really cool!

Ariel Lim

Trek should come out with something really really cheap but dam dam good .. this would attract more people to buy and this could decrease Global Warming .. ya .. make a really cheap Road .. it would definitely attract me


Are you guys joking! Some of the color choices this year are amazing, I'm so glad I waited for the '09s to come out to get my Madone. I just wish I could get the 2.1 blue fade/white scheme to go with the Madone 5.2! That would be a beautiful bike!

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