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Lance Armstrong's Big Apple bike


The talent in the back room here at Trek rocks.  No, its is not for sale and no it will not be offered in Project One.  It was built long before Lance announced his comeback so it has DA instead of Red.  We painted it up like this because Lance spends enough time in NYC to ride so why not have a Big Apple themed bike?

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So does lance have to ride SRAM now?


I was reluctant concerning the looks of the new Madones, but this is the most beautiful yet thrilling piece of bike art since the times of the "Pata Negra".
Congratulation to all the folks involved in fulfilling this project!

BTW, any plans for a carbon crosser, now that there is one additional high profile user?


Will that black color be offered in P1? Is that flat black?


Don't bring that thing close to Arkansas, or I'll steal it. Wow!


By far the best looking Trek I have ever seen.

EJ Levy

Looks like Shimano to me.
EJ Levy


SRAM sucks.
Who takes credit for the wheels now. Conflicting decals.

Surely riding in NY is stop start stop, traffic lights, traffic, mayhem.


Replaceable derailleur hanger!
Sweet bike... is it all paint? It looks like, given the detail of the design, that it's all custom decals with a matte clearcoat finish. I really like the matte finish black... it has a way of melding several of cycling's subcultures together - very cool.

I'll also second that question from Chris about the carbon CX...

brian abraham

While we can't do the Big Apple bike in P1, we can definitely do the matte black color even though it is not a "standard" option.

The solid matte black done with black logos looks really subtle but very cool.

...I agree about the carbon XO!

(Brian works here at Trek, BTW -editor)


best paint job ever!!!!!


It's not Fair Trek. Okay, Okay I know - he's special and he's won 7 tours but to dangle this sweet machine in front of us and not provide it for the masses is torture-

Scott please send this to the big man John Burke- if you released a bike with this sort of theme- doesn't have to be NY theme bike - and that Sweet District 96 bike your sales jump significantly- but don't price these things out of our reach please.


Did Futura do the graphics on this one?


I have the same question as Clay? That black looks great!


Holy goodness.

That's the nicest Trek Madone I've ever seen. Period. Probably the nicest I'll ever see as well.

Sooooo would love to have it.

Is it a Performance fit Scott?

Good job guys!

Scott Daubert

Martin - No, Futura didn't do this one. Trek's own Senior Graphic Artist Chad Bailey did it.

Scott Daubert

Uzair - This is Lance's bike. He rides a 58cm Pro fit Madone.


It's bike beautiful!!


from the pictures above I see full 2009 DuraAce not Sram...
Sweet Bike!!!
Is it available for display? hehe...


The black paint job on that madone is sweet as heck. You guys need to start offering some cool looking Madones to the public and not just as P1.

steve abrego cyclery usa riverside

wow that bike is hot. great job on this one and yea can I ride it. but realy thanx lance for comming back not just to race but the reason for your come back. it realy hits me in my hart. my mom is looking down at you and thanking you for what your doing. thank you.


All I have to say is BAD ASS!

You guys do need a carbon cross bike but first you have to lower your prices on the aluminium ones too much!!

nico from belgium

it's not a bike.it's art, a masterpiece

Rudy Valverde

whoa, what a hell of a bike, i just wish i could get one, i have lance's 2005 sslx trek, i wish trek had a trade-in plan, i would in a heartbeat, will lance be riding that bike in the tour? keep up the good work

Rudy Valverde

whoa, what a hell of a bike, i just wish i could get one, keep up the good work, does trek have a trade-in program, i have the discovery channel sslx trek that lance rode in 2005, thanks for making us drool.

John P.

Congrats to Trek and Chad Bailey for making one of the sweetest looking bikes I've seen in a long time. It's like a breath of fresh air! The matte black paint really shows off the smoothness of Trek's top notch frame manufacturing capabilities. Beautiful.

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