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Delivering the bike for Tour Down Under

For all of you who have been following twitter and hearing about Lance's new bike, here is bit more of the story.

Lance Armstrong's Tour Down Under bike is a stock Madone red series carbon frame with a full custom paint job.  Although the bike went from a twinkle in the designer's eye to painted and built in less then a full week there was nothing easy about it.  It took over 30 hours to paint the bike, not including curing time, that is strictly airbrush gun in the painter's hand pointed it at the frame......  Everything on the bike was painted in house at Trek by one of our Project One painters.  There are no decals on the bike, the bike is 100% paint!  When you see it up close it really is a site to behold, knowing that it was hand done makes it even more incredible.

Getting the bike to Lance has been an adventure in and of itself, delays, shipping mishaps, changed flight plans, canceled flights, driving in the snow, running through the airport.....and finally handing it off to Lance.

As anyone who has ever received or even purchased a new bike knows, there is something special about it that is indescribable.  Even a guy like Lance who can have a new bike pretty much whenever he wants has a special appreciation for it.  When I wheeled in his new bike he was smiling, happy and very surprised.  He loves it!  This has been an awesome experience for me, I got to deliver the bike that Lance Armstrong will race in his first race back out of retirement, I guess I am the only person who can say that......ever!

Here are the specs of the bike

  • Trek Madone Red series carbon Pro fit frameset
  • Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 wheels with custom LiveStrong/1274 decals.  X Lite clinchers for training, XXX lite tubulars in the race.
  • 1274....The number of days Lance was "retired".
  • 27.5...million people is the approximate number of people that died from cancer during that same time.
  • Bontrager XXX lite VR handle bar and XXX lite stem 120mm x 7 degrees
  • Bontrager RXL saddle with Ti rails
  • Sram Red Component group
  • Sram SRM Cranks.  175mm crank arms, 39/53 chainrings and 11-26 cassette
  • Shimano Dura Ace pedals
  • Bontrager Cork handlebar tape

And some photos of the bike and delivery.....Thanks to Kendal from Nike for the shot with Lance and the bike.

P1110037 P1110044 P1110049 DSC08869


Jim Thiede

Kick Ass!

Rob Franklin

Now there is a thing if beauty, the bike of course. You've truly outdone yourselves with this one. Excellent work


Out of curiosity, what's the frameset size?

Nathan Jolly

No SRM on that bike.

And what is that black object with a yellow nike tick? Bottom shot.

Stan Oahu

Wow! What an experience!

The only thing about the bike is the saddle would look best gold, like the rest of the accents.

Ride on, Lance!


What does the 27.5 on the rear stay and the 1274 on the seat tube stand for?

Beautiful bike


He's not really going to keep that thing, is he?

He wants to keep it as a memento, so yes, he is keeping it. You might be able to catch a glimpse of it in the future at Mellow Johnny's. Ben Coates: Team Liaison




Wow, I can't believe they shipped that in a cardboard bike box (albeit with some foam padding). You'd think they would have used one of those plastic travel cases to be sure the airlines didn't mishandle it.


Are those Shimano pedals on Lance's bike? I thought Astana was on Looks?


Brett: The Trek boxes that Madones are delivered in are the best in the buisness! The bike almost sits inside 2 layers of really strong cardboard, almost like a clam shell, and it is lashed into place with back straps (seen in the first photo) so it does not move around.

The Madones I get into the shop come a similar distance this one travelled, and they are always 100% on arrival, including some less then delicate transport for the last leg from Trek Down Under to me...

Brilliant looking bike however, and the attention to detail is very impressive... Love the Black paint, reminds me of the Big Apple bike seen here a few months back!


''In the 1274 days since I last rode competitively, approximately 27.5 million people have died from cancer around the world,'' Armstrong said

Doug Corey

I have a commercial that could work for Trek and Livestrong. I have commuted to my work in Vermont for nearly 25 years and just 2 years ago got a new Trek 1000. What a spectacular bike! Anyway, the commercial goes like this:
Lance and I are riding side by side in split screen. Lance in the yellow jersey, and msyself in my gear that I commute in. I do the narration.
"Some people say it's not about the bike" Lance looks over quizzically.
"Well, I haven't biked in the Tour de France, but I have commuted to work in Vermont 9 months out of the year for nearly 25 years and when the weather changes like this (it starts snowing), then believe me, it's all about the bike." I ride away in my frame and Lance follows.
It could be done in a similar way with a cancer survivor instead of me to bring more attention to Livestrong and Trek could donate a certain amount that they get from their bikes toward Livestrong.

By the way, Lance's bike is gorgeous!


I notice that Lance is riding the Tour Down Under with a SRAM SRM (apparently wired). Does the standard SRAM SRM fit the new BB?

I believe that all SRM's built from Last July forward will fit the new BB system. The SRM that Lance was riding is a wireless version of the SRAM SRM, not too many of those around. Ben Coates: Team Liaison


I love that even Lance takes his favourite bike into the lounge room.
Wives/Girlfriends please note!

Scott Walker

Nice bike, I can not wait until wait until you commercialize that one. I got a feeling that you will not put that one on
Project One until Lance is done using it.

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Really amazing, i could not beleive my eyes when i saw the legend himself checking out the bike, awesome.

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