Up The Road


I am sitting in Juan Pelota(translate that for a funny inside Lance Joke), a cafe inside Mellow Johnny's down in Austin, TX.  I am down here for the Trek LiveStrong camp.  The boys, I can say "boys" because they are all under 23, will be arriving tomorrow and things are looking good.  Bill the team mechanic has feverishly been working on building up the new bikes.  Here is a quick shot of what the new team bike is going to look like.  More to come and better pics........


Nathan Jolly

You need to start getting them to build their own bikes. Make em appreciate the time/effort.

Daniel W.

You should pick me for you're team. I'm 22 and live in chicago so i don't get much attention. I feel i am very good and kill at anything i do!

Sorry Daniel, the roster is set for 2009 and you will be too old in 2010. Keep racing and training, if it is meant to be someone will notice.... Ben Coates: Team Liaison

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