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sneakpeek: Lance Armstrong's Tour Down Under Trek Madone

Here's a preview of the Trek Madone that Lance Armstrong will ride in Australia at the Tour Down Under this month.  It's an off-the-shelf Madone Pro 58cm frameset that is dressed up in Livestrong colors and graphics.  The project was slotted into Trek's normal paint production as all hands chipped in to make this bike something special. Below Graphic Artist Mike Pfalzgraff and Paint Dept Maestro Bob Seibel discuss the masking and detail work on the fork.


Project One Paint Cell Leader Brian Yuker sprays the masked Livestrong logo and yellow band on the Madone toptube.


Below Bob and Brian discuss more project details.  Every bit of this bike is paint - there are no decals.  This project has close to 30 hours of labor so far (and the frame will still need to be hand-carried to Aus).



Weeding the masking.


Livestrong details on the fork, downtube and toptube.




There are a few hidden messages in the graphics (none of them shown here).  Team liaison Ben Coates will share their meanings when he posts photos of the complete bike.  Watch for more photos in the weeks to come!


Michael James

Best of luck to Lance and Team Astana and Trek bikes, the world is watching.

Greg Burton

That's a work of art.. What does he do with his old ones? Obviously he has to save the ones he wins the Tour de France with. I would hope he sells the rest for charity.

Derek Hasel

Just back from a 100k ride thru the Adelaide Hills. Lance will be riding these roads during the Tour Down Under. Great surprise to see these pics. Thnx a heap for posting them. Being an absolute avid fan of Lance I am beside myself with excitement at the prospect of seeing him race, close up.


Good Luck Lance...

Jim Curtis

Brian Yuker is a genius. I took delivery on a project one bike recently with the Warm Fire paint scheme and Brian was the artist - the bike is indeed a work of art - beautiful detailing and unique touches. The same attention to detail is very evident in Lance's bike as well.

Jim Curtis

Brian Yuker is a true artist - he recently applied the Warm Fire scheme to my new project one bike and it, like Lance's, is a true work of art. I feel priveleged to have him work on my new machine as well.

James Niedermann

Good to See the Trek Team Behind the Man! Good Luck to Trek, Lance and Team Astana! Go For the Yellow!


what was the fuzz about the press release that was supposed to come out on January 23.?

Jon Chalfant

these pics are beyond beleif! Brain Yuker, this is a stroke of pure genius!!(Trek should consider a project one for mountain bikes:)best of luck to Lance.

Mike M

What a time it must have been masking that bike off. Wish I had a ride like that for the Livestrong Philly ride!


Hey this is such an awesome bike. I am a bike fanatic from Chennai. I wish you I could work with you guys. Can't wait to get my hands on one of your beauties. They take my breath away.

Go Lance Go

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