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Trek's Project One Painters have been hard at Work!

So far this year we have made a total of 6 custom bikes in the back room at Trek, what is the back room you might ask?  It is the paint shop, dressing up an already amazing bike is hard work but the guys in the back do a wonderful job of it.  Take a look for yourselves, here are all of the bikes that we have made custom for the Astana team this year, in one place.... in order of apperance

The 1274/27.5 6.9 Madone was done up for Lance's comeback race, the TDU
The matching 1274/27.5 TTX 9.9 SSL was done up for the Tour of California
TK_200902_TTX_1274_L#595294 Levi got a little extra motivation for the Tour of California with this Custom TTX 9.9 SSL

ToC option A
This is Alberto's custom 6.9 Madone first seen at Paris-Nice
This Madone was designed and painted by Barry McGee with a little help finishing it up from Trek, rolled out at the group ride where Lance and crew introduced the "Stages" campaign


Lance's Madone 6.9 designed by the artist KAWS and painted by Trek, he will race this one soon....



Andrew Au

Absolutely amazing! A few of my friends and I were wondering if Lance would have insisted on riding Trek bikes if he ended up with a team besides Astana. Guess we'll never know, and glad to see he got that amazing TTX bike back!

Any chance you can post the specs for the bikes??

Ben Christian

These look awesome! Surely its got to give the guys that little bit more inspiration when they look down at them while slogging it hard out. I'd love to do a feature on them in our online road cycling magazine here in New Zealand. www.roadcycling.co.nz Can someone please email me about permission to use these hot photos! Cheers Ben.


Sweet bikes indeed! Can't wait to see more in the near future.


All the bikes are beautiful, but if I had to choose one, and it would be very difficult, I would choose Alberto's. I just love the simple and but very stylistic look. How can I order one just like it?

Brian Hildreth

I really like the logo size and font that was used on the down tube for Lance's, Levi's, & Alberto's rides. In my opinion this is an edger (maybe even more youthful) logo and better represents the current trends. Any chance this could be a P1 option in the future for us regular guys?



Looks like a new custom TTX is in order for Alberto especially since he killed the Paris-Nice time trial.


Bert's bike isn't bad looking but I am not a fan of the others. Contador's Vuelta Madone scheme from 2008 was the best custom paint job I've seen yet. Is it available through the custom order program?

Scott Walker

I would order one of the paint jobs with the bigger logos. Very nice

Simen L

Is the paintjob for Contador a realistic indication for the Trek 2010 design? I'm thinking about the big logos (very nice!)

steve abrego

thanks to our trek sales rep greg. we had chance to see and touch the lance kaws bike at our redlands cyclery shop before it went to hollywood this bike was sweet. thanx lance for comming back. steve from cyclery riverside calif


those are sweet!


Any plans to host another Project One paintjob design contest this year?



I really like the big logos, too--but the regular Criterium paint job is pretty nice, too. Too bad it is so much.

Almost everyone I talk to says they like the Criterium paint scheme best, but it shouldn't be that much extra. I hope Trek can figure out how to have the stock paint scheme customized in any colors for a minimal cost, or bring the Criterium down to half what it is now.

And with big logos would be even better!


Is there any plans for the new graphics package to hit project one anytime soon?


Haywood Jablomie

nice stuff guys

cycling bikes

I think Trek has the most beautiful bikes out there, they are very well designed.

Barry Young

Wow...what beautiful bikes! Keep up the good work.


How about Lance in that last one @ The Tour De Lance? Spectacular job!


Is the black TTX (red carbon) and the orange TTX (red carbon) are both SSL.
I see the black TTX always appear as 9.9 but not SSL- is there any difference between them? Any weight differences between the orange and black frame.



These bikes are so cool, but the Project One Program is really for everyone!

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Yeah, I really think that Trek's bikes are the best there! Nice things, you know.

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