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10 last-minute gift ideas for the cyclist on your list

We feel ya – shopping for the cyclist in your life can be tricky. What color do they like? Do they already have this thing? Is that gizmo even useful? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gift ideas that are sure to be a hit, no matter who’s receiving them.


1.Bontrager Glo/Ember USB Recharge lights

Everyone is safer with lights on their bike. The convenience of a recharging USB cable alleviates the stresses of changing batteries, and fewer batteries in landfills is good for us all. 



2. Bontrager SSR Multisport Shoe

It’s great to clip in, but slipping around the market on your cleats is no fun. These kicks recess the cleat into the sole and look more like a normal shoe.  


3. Bontrager Flat Pack

Flats happen. We’ve all been there. Why not be prepared? This kit includes tire levers, a pump, multi-tool, and a bag to store it all, as well as a coupon for whatever tube size your cyclist needs.


4. Bontrager Convertible Windshell jacket

This is not just a jacket. The sleeves can be removed for in-between temperatures and changing weather. It’s a cornerstone of any cyclist’s wardrobe. Available in black or high visibility yellow.


5. Bontrager Commuter Rain Pant

Lightweight, durable, and designed to keep you dry no matter what is thrown at you. Also available in a women’s fit.


6. Bontrager B3 long sleeve baselayer

Layering is key in cold weather, as is sweat management. The B3 keeps heat in, while pushing moisture out, for longer rides in greater comfort.


7. Interchange Nebula fenders

Clever covers for any bike, the Interchange Nebula fenders can be popped on and off in a jiffy thanks to their innovative design. All you need to know if your recipient’s wheel size.



8. Bontrager Speed Bottle

An aerodynamic water bottle? Yup, it’s the perfect gift for the triathlete on your list.


9. Bontrager Race Wool sock

If superheroes wore socks, they’d wear these wool wonders of all-weather warmth for year-round riding.


10. Bontrager Race Windshell glove

Help your favorite cyclist ride longer throughout the year with gloves that balance warmth, ergonomics, and durability. They’re insulated, without being too bulky to have a solid grip on the handlebars.


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