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Veteran. Hero. Rockstar. World Champion.

We believe the greatest athletes are not just those who finish first- but those people that motivate, inspire, and challenge us to do greater things. Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things on Trek bikes. We are proud to be a part of their pursuit and to say that Great Athletes Ride Trek.

This October, Melissa Stockwell represented the United States in Auckland, New Zealand and defended the title she's held for the two previous years in ITU Paratriathlon competition: World Champion. In 2008, she was a member of the US swim team that competed at the Beijing Paralympics. Representing the US as a world-class athlete is just one part of what makes Melissa an inspiration. How she got there, and the limitless positivity she carries with her every day is what makes her a true champion.


A Bald Eagle leads Melissa on the head tube of her Madone

Her unlikely and unexpected journey began eight years ago, nearly ten thousand miles away from Auckland, in Baghdad, when Melissa was a 2nd Lieutennant in the 1st Cavalry division of the United States Army. On April 13, 2004, during a routine patrol, the HUMVEE she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb that left Melissa an above-the-knee amputee. The event earned her a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star Medal, and a year of surgeries and rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.



The date on which Melissa lost her leg is inscribed on her frame

During her physical therapy, Melissa discovered swimming and quickly learned she was fast in the water. She applied the same dedication and drive to swimming that she had had throughout her recovery, and began to compete in Minnesota where she was studying for a career in prosthetics. After a few short years of training and racing, Melissa moved to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and qualified for the Beijing Paralympics. It was clear that she had the talent and determination to compete with the best in the world, and after transitioning to triathlon, quickly rose to the top of the sport.

This past summer, Melissa, with two Paratriathlon World Championships in tow, stopped in Texas with the Wounded Warrior Project for the Warrior 100 Ride, a 3-day, 100-kilometer mountain bike ride. The Wounded Warrior Project provides unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members, including adaptive cycling resources and events. It is an event that Trek is proud to be part of. It was at the Warrior 100 ride that Trek President John Burke met Melissa, and invited her to visit Trek in Wisconsin (read more about the ride on John's blog). 



Trek President John Burke and Melissa at Trek World in August of 2012

Melissa joined us at our annual Trek World retailer show in Madison this August, sharing the work of the Wounded Warrior Project, her experience as an American paralympian, and her passion for the sport. As her bike sponsor, we wanted Melissa to have a race setup that reflected her story and personality, and she worked closely with our graphic designers and Project One team to come up with one of the most impressive paint schemes we've ever seen.



Melissa and Trek Graphic Designer Stacey discussing the bike's design


Melissa's Madone pays tribute to two of her great loves: America and triathlon


With her new Madone at The Bike Rack in St. Charles, IL - a big supporter of Wounded Warrior Project

Melissa's new Madone was delivered just in time to race at the World Championships this year, where she both defended her title, and set a personal record on the bike split. Despite strong headwinds and stiff competition. She's taken the challenge of a life-changing injury, and used it to inspire people the world over as a dominant professional athlete. At Trek, we believe in great athletes and are proud that Melissa rides our bikes and has allowed us to share her story.


Celebrating a third consecutive World Championship!

You can catch Melissa (if you're fast enough) training along Chicago's lakefront as she prepares for her first Ironman this November in Arizona.

To see more images of Melissa's bike, check out the Facebook gallery.

Follow Melissa's racing on her blog and on Twitter.



Best of luck in the ironman Melissa. That's a bad ass bike and you rock. NEGU, you rock <3


Ho molta stima di Melissa. Buona fortuna.

Scheck & Siress

We're so proud to count Melissa as one of our team of prosthetists and as a patient.

Joanne Liu

GO Melissa!!! Very inspiring!

Aaron Dunford


Just a quick note from Australia. If you are ever in the market for a new cycling prosthetic check out:

My client has been riding on this for almost a year now and everything is going really well for him. I have parts to make another and it is very adjustable. Let me know if you would like any more info.



Jacqueline MacPhee

Inspirational is too mild a word! Keep up the great work! From your Canadian fans!!


You are truly an inspiration/rockstar. Our parents are friends and I heard about you when you received your injury. You have put your energy into so many good things since then and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

matt UK

Just amazing!

Scott Shaw

Melissa - you are amazing!

Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story.


Kathy Durava

Melissa, your mom told me about your story on TREK tonight... Had to look you up... Hope to see you soon in the Valley....

Elaine - Travelers Rest

We're cheering you on, Melissa!

Dave Aldridge

Melissa, You have made an incredible statement to all veterans. You personify the old saying: "When you get knocked down, you can give up, give in, or give it all you've got...". Your possibilities are ENDLESS! .... and you make your your parents VERY proud!

Coach Stacee Seay

You wear those colors very well Melissa. So proud!!

Helme 'AjiMike' Ashaari

One word. INSPIRING! Enough said :)

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